New Neurovision™ 500P






§         A full-featured, high quality TCD system, so small it fits in your hand

§          Small, convenient size allows you to put it in your white coat pocket wherever you go

§         The choice is yours! You can do a complete TCD exam, store it on the removable flash card and then print full color reports from your laptop or desktop computer.

§         The Neurovision™ 500P also connects via a USB port directly to your existing PC (Windows laptop/desktop computer) for advanced features including real-time spectral display, patient report generation and large screen viewing.

§         This innovative pocket TCD system opens up new possibilities for TCD exams and patient care.

§         Greater mobility allows for bedside, emergency room, and offsite location use.

§         Increase services and patient options with a high performance low cost TCD


The single channel Neurovision™ 500P pocket TCD system comes with application software for off-line evaluation of existing examinations on any PC at no additional cost. If you need two channels with multiple gates, the Neurovision™ 500D2 dual channel docking station version will meet your requirements. Any Neurovision™ system provides an effective breakthrough TCD system with a minimal investment.




§         Early detection of vasospasm in subarachnoid hemorrhage

§         Assessment of cerebral circulatory arrest

§         Evaluation of cerebrovascular reserve

§         Evaluation of patients with transient ischemic attack, stroke, arteriovenous malformation and syncope

§         Evaluation of Sickle Cell Anemia

§         Directly examine Middle Cerebral Arteries during and after Carotid Endarterectomy to monitor re-occlusion, hyperfusion syndrome and to determine the necessity of shunting

§         Monitor Embolic Events



The battery operated Neurovision™ 500P pocket TCD’s small size and full set of features, as well as low cost, make it a perfect diagnostic tool for any setting.


Intuitive and convenient one-handed operation helps clinicians conduct exams accurately and efficiently. Completed studies are stored on removable flash cards and transferred to a PC for post-processing and patient report generation. A built-in USB interface can be used for real-time data transfer to the PC, resulting in easily formatted and printed professional reports.


The Neurovision™ 500P is supplied with a 2MHz TCD probe (PW) and a choice of one 4, 5 or 8MHz (CW) probe. By using a complete range of Doppler probes, the Neurovision™ 500P can be used for transcranial, carotid and peripheral Doppler analysis.


The Neurovision™ 500D2 is a similar 2-channel TCD system which offers a TCD docking station for PCs. It connects with a single USB cable providing transcranial Doppler functionality for multiple channels and gates.


The Neurovision™ 500D2 comes complete with two 2MHz TCD (PW) probes, a choice of two 4, 5 or 8MHz (CW) probes, software and USB interface. Any qualified PC running in Windows is compatible (PC not supplied but is available as an option).



Holding the Neurovision™ 500P in one hand, clinicians can fully operate the pocket TCD with the 5-way navigator button. The simple and intuitive design allows the operator to concentrate on the patient and exam, NOT complicated remotes and sub-menus.



Easily create professional reports in multiple formats. Display exam results with selected vessel graphics or in text only format



The Neurovision™ 500P pocket TCD file storage system allows you to archive the full patient report. When you are finished with the exam, simply click the file button from the examination screen and all your results are stored in the pocket TCD patient database. You can review, reformat or post process your stored file on the Neurovision™ 500P or with the laptop/desktop software application. Files may then be archived to various, removable media including CDROM.



-          Full-featured, self-contained pocket TCD

-          256-color display

-          Sound and Spectral storage

-          over 25 min. per examination

-          over 2 hours of examinations per 256MB memory card

-          256 MB removable flash memory

-          Battery operation (rechargeable lithium-ion)

-          10 examinations between charges (based on typical usage)

-          Probes: 2MHz (PW), 4, 5 and 8MHz (CW)

-          Laptop/desktop software application

-          Patient reports

-          Archiving to Hard drive or CDROM with desktop application

-          1-year warranty (Depot Service)

-          Free software upgrades for one year

-          One or two channel headband fixation device (optional)

-          Long term monitoring

-          Emboli detection and counting



1. Service is included for one year from date of shipment in the United States. Outside the United States, service is provided by the distributor who sold the equipment.

2. Multigon Industries, Inc. makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, nor guarantees the merchantability or fitness of use for a particular purpose.

3. Multigon Industries, Inc. will bear no responsibility for damages incidental or consequential resulting from breach of this warranty including but not limited to rental or

purchase of replacement equipment, commercial loss, loss of profits, inconvenience or other losses, subject to state law.

4. No employee, sales person or representative is authorized to change this warranty.

5. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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