In the 1970's, UNIGON INDUSTRIES introduced the ANGIOSCAN, the first commercially available medical blood flow spectrum analyzer.  Previously, spectral analysis had been used as a method of evaluating sound frequency, permitting reproducible scientific classification and evaluation of sound.  This technology had many applications including speech analysis, underwater sound analysis, geophysics, and animal sound studies.

In the medical field, B-mode imaging was used in conjunction with Doppler to evaluate blood flow in arteries and veins.  This technique had several drawbacks.  The Doppler sound analysis was based on the operator's hearing and mental evaluation of the sound, making the technique extremely operator dependent.  Because of this it was impossible to accurately determine the degree of stenosis.  The results of studies were not scientifically reproducible.  Also, no information was available about the direction of blood flow.

Dr. William Stern, one of the founders of UNIGON, worked with Dr. Robert Barnes and Dr. Stan Rittgers to develop the ANGIOSCAN.  The ANGIOSCAN allowed clinicians to evaluate and numerically quantify blood flow velocity in the body, and to determine direction of flow.  Spectral analysis heralded a revolution in non-invasive testing.

The ANGIOSCAN was used to develop many Doppler applications, including the first transcranial Doppler developed by Dr. Rune Aaslid.  MULTIGON also pioneered the use of Umbilical Doppler Velocimetry, a non-invasive blood flow test that has become a standard in prenatal care.  Today, spectral analysis is found on most ultrasound systems.

In 1983, UNIGON was acquired by ARTRA INC and later by GENERAL ELECTRIC CORP.   UNIGON's original team of scientists and engineers regrouped to form MULTIGON.  Today, MULTIGON continues its tradition around the globe with the NEUROVISION™ 500M.  Our commitment to "Excellence in Ultrasound" remains strong.

MULTIGON is a U.S. owned company with representatives and distributors serving the medical community around the globe.  All equipment is manufactured in Yonkers, New York. The NEUROVISION™ 500M TCD SOLUTION SERIES represents the culmination of years of experience, scientific research and interface with the medical community.

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